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CLEVELAND, OH  |  MAY 13 – 15, 2024



Partners, we can’t wait to see you at PCP Impact!


To ensure you are prepared for our event, please review the details below before you head to Cleveland.


  1. Event Theme

  2. Event Schedule & Map

  3. What Do I Need to Bring?

  4. Dress Code

  5. Hotel, Travel, and Transportation

  6. Weather Forecast



1. Theme


This semester, PCP Impact is baseball-themed!


Step up to the plate, and get ready to learn strategies, tactics, and experiences from our PCP Coaches to help you hit it out of the park in 2024!



2. Event Schedule & Map


PCP Impact will begin with Lunch and Registration at 12:00PM Eastern on Monday, May 13th and end at 12:00PM Eastern on Wednesday, May 15th.


CLICK HERE for a detailed agenda and CLICK HERE for a map of our event space.


All meeting rooms will be located on the first floor of the UHM West Building and will be noted by signage outside of each room.


Registration will be in the West Building at UHM Campus starting at noon on Wednesday. Lunch will also be provided.


Partners will depart from the event and return home on Wednesday following the conclusion of Impact.


Fireside Chats


On Monday and Tuesday nights, there will be a Fireside Chat in the Aloft Hotel Bar at the hotel from 8:00 PM to 11:00 PM.


There are also many late-night spots within walking distance to the hotel. Please refer to this link for more information.



3. What items do I need to bring with me?


Please bring the following items with you to the event:


  • List of 3-5 questions you want to get answered at the event

  • High expectations and energy!

  • Laptop


At registration, all Partners will receive a copy of our PCP Impact Playbook, along with a pen and nametag.



4. Dress Code


Our dress code for PCP Impact is Business Attire.


We ask that you DRESS FOR SUCCESS and do not wear jeans, shorts, or t-shirts.



5. Hotel, Travel, and Transportation


All Partners will be staying at The Aloft Cleveland Downtown.


1111 W. 10th Street

Cleveland, OH 44113


Partners may locate their hotel confirmation, along with their check-in and check-out dates HERE.


If you’ve submitted hotel room changes to the Travel & Administration team, please allow 24 hours for this change to be reflected on PartnerNet.


UHM will be covering the cost of your guestroom rate & tax on Monday and Tuesday evening.


  • At check-in, you will need a personal credit card for Incidentals. Holds placed on a credit card will expire in 2-3 business days while on a debit card can take up to 10-12 business days to expire. Any incidentals are the responsibility of the Partner to cover.


Partners who are arriving in Cleveland on Sunday are responsible for booking and paying for their hotel room on Sunday, unless an exception has been granted by the UHM Travel Team.


Partners driving to Cleveland on Monday should come directly to UHM Campus for registration and the start of the event, then check-in at The Aloft on Monday evening after dinner.


Partners flying to Cleveland on Monday should come directly to UHM Campus from the airport and will be able to place their luggage inside our storage room inside the UHM West Building upon arrival. Your transportation from the airport to UHM Campus is not a covered expense and it is recommended that you utilize Lyft or Uber to get you to UHM Campus. There WILL be transportation provided to the hotel immediately following dinner on Monday.


For any questions regarding the hotel and travel information above, please reach out to the

Travel & Administration team by email at or by calling (330) 620-5992.


Hotel Parking for Drivers


Parking is not covered by UHM for this event and must be covered by each Partner.

All drivers may park their vehicles at The Aloft Cleveland Downtown.

Self-parking and valet parking is available on-site at the hotel.

Valet is available at $40.00 daily and includes in & out privileges.


You may find other parking garages in the area HERE.


Please note: There will be scheduled transportation each day from the hotel to UHM Campus. If you are a Driver, you may keep your car in the hotel lot until you check out of the hotel, and will not be required to drive back and forth to UHM Campus.


Transportation Between The Aloft & UHM Campus


Transportation will be provided for ALL Partners staying at The Aloft to and from UHM Campus and the hotel each day. There will be multiple departure times each morning and evening, depending on if you will be attending our *optional* Bible Study each morning and how late you choose to stay at UHM Campus for cocktails & dinner in the evening.


Buses will pick up and drop off at the front drive of the hotel and in front of UHM Campus. Please be outside 10 minutes prior to the pick-up time listed on the transportation schedule HERE. You will also be provided with transportation reminders via text message throughout the event.


On Wednesday, Flyers will grab a boxed lunch and head to the airport on our 12:00PM bus following the end of the event.


If you are a Driver, you may depart on Wednesday after the event and take a boxed lunch with you.




If you have any questions regarding the above information, please feel free to contact the Travel & Administration team by email at or by calling (330) 620-5992.



6. Weather Forecast


See below for the upcoming weather forecast in Cleveland. Please plan accordingly 😊


Please reach out to our PCP Team with any questions or concerns about Impact. We’re here to serve you!


Email us at or text our PCP Impact Support Line at (419) 370-3426.


Safe travels and we can’t wait to see you soon!

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