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NOVEMBER 11-13, 2020 | ONLINE


Welcome to Impact


Welcome to our 7th Semi-Annual PCP Impact event.

Our theme for the event is Life by Design. Most of us spend more time planning our weekend than we do our life, but for those of us in coaching, we plan everything! Over our next few days together, I hope your perspective on life is expanded.

I hope you get a bigger perspective of what you are capable of accomplishing based on what you see your Partners doing. My hope is that you come away equipped and inspired to finish 2020 strong and make 2021 the best year of your life.

Living an intentional Life by Design doesn't happen by accident. We have to ask deep questions and separate ourselves from the daily noise. We need to engage in great conversations with our Partners, spouse, and those closest to us. We have to be more to do more. By Friday afternoon, the coaches and I hope you have a compelling vision, comprehensive strategy, and a calendar full of actions & disciplines you want to implement.

Make the most of Impact for yourself and your Partners.

Release the story that's within you.

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Brian G. Smith
Executive Coach
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